About me

Oh, hello there. I didn't notice you drop in on my page.

Let me introduce myself to all of you who luckily or unfortunately came across this blog. My name is Andrew Torres and sometimes when I'm feeling adventurous I spell my name Anjruw. I have a Master's and a Bachelor's in Philosophy. My educational journey started at the community college level (ELAC) then moved to the redwood forest and enjoyed the beautiful scenery that is Humboldt state and we made our final stop here in the Silicon valley (SJSU).  I currently work at a Kia dealership selling cars because I got my degree in Philosophy. In my free time, I do Stand-up and Improv comedy (see link below) just to ensure I have an existential crisis before 35.

The Last Open Mic at The Jam! I had a great time doing a set last night and thank you to a

What is the goal of this Blog?

Honestly, I'm not entirely sure. I just wanted to keep a detailed log of my thoughts as I continue to explore Philosophy and document my journey with Anxiety. I just wanted to create a space where I can share my own work, articles I read online or in class, and hopefully, help those that also struggle with their own mental health. My primary focus is using Philosophy as a means to help deal with Anxiety primarily Phil. of Time. So hopefully for those who stumble upon this for whatever reason enjoy the material and readings. Thanks for stopping by!